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Garage Door Springs in Broomfield COIf you’re having trouble with your garage door, or are hearing a strange noise coming from the railing, don’t ignore it because this problem may be related to the springs. Do not put off repairing an issue like this because if broken springs are left unrepaired, they may cause more damage to your opener or entire garage door system. Leavening you with a much more timely and costly repair job.

There are two types of springs; torsion springs which are attached above the closed garage door and extension springs that are located above the upper tracks on both sides. Extension springs are needed to stretch when force is applied to them. Extension springs usually span between 6,000 and 11,000 lifts. On the other hand, torsion springs provide torque function. So when pressure is applied, the springs are able to twist and curl. Generally, these types of springs are more expensive, but they retain a longer life of about 15,000 to 20,000 lifts.

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Garage Door Spring RepairIf you feel that your family is going to be using the garage door more frequently per day, then you might want to think about investing in extended lifespan torsion springs. These types of springs are more expensive, but they last up to four times as long, so spending the extra money will be well worth it in the long run. You can count on Broomfield Garage Door Springs for the best advice in the business!

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A garage door is extremely heavy and difficult to lift. The lifting function depends on the garage door springs and the opener. So it’s very important that the door has the correct spring size installed. Without the right springs, your garage door will not move, and may prove dangerous. Here at Broomfield Garage Door Springs, we hire only skilled and certified master technicians who all specialize in spring replacement and repair. Any time of the day or the night, we are available to help you.

Garage Door Spring ReplacementPlease do not try to repair a broken spring yourself. This is a very dangerous job that takes expertise and patience. You must be well versed in how to properly remove and reinstall garage door springs. Every year eager DIY’ers are sent to the hospital with injuries that could have been avoided by calling a professional repair company like Broomfield Garage Door Springs. Also, trying to tackle a project like this may actually end up taking you longer or using more resources then if you would have had a professional from Broomfield Garage Door Springs do the job!

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Our company does the job right the first time. We carry all name brand makes and models of garage door springs. Our skilled repairmen can replace your broken Torsion or Extension springs with top quality parts and exceptional service. There’s no spring too big or too small for us to fix - our solutions to your garage door problems come in all shapes and sizes.

For same-day, fast, reliable service, call Broomfield Garage Door Springs today for your garage door spring repair or replacement needs!

Broomfield Garage Door Springs

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Have you ever heard of a garage door spring company that doesn't guarantee you'll be satisfied when they're through. There are plenty out there, but luckily, Broomfield Garage Door Springs is not one of them. We guarantee you'll be satisified every time!

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