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Over the course of just a century—really, just one lifetime—the world has transformed completely. A mere fifty years ago, the Internet was just a fantasy, telephones came with wires, and people would call you crazy for suggesting that consumers would buy . Yes, the course of this world changes rapidly, and mostly due to the inventions achieved generation after generation. One great 1926 invention, which would affect earth’s entire population for the rest of time, is the electric garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair EstimateA groundbreaking contraption of its time, the garage door opener continues to be a necessity in every home in America. Broomfield Garage Door Openers revels in garage door history, and is passionate about all things garage door related.

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There are three different kinds of garage door openers, all offering unique benefits and challenges. The first is called a belt-drive opener. Belt drive openers use belts to lift and close the door. Because the belts are rubber operating on a steel track, they make minimal noise.

Belt drive openers are also known to be fairly low maintenance. As one of the more modern designs, you may be looking at a slightly higher price for a belt drive opener, but it sure makes the difference when you don’t have to hear the rattling of a traditional chain drive every morning and night. Broomfield Garage Door Openers recommends this opener to the family with lots of comings and goings through the garage. We can install yours at the drop of a hat, or the ring of a telephone.

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Garage Door Opener ServicesChain drive openers are the original opener design. Employing a chain to pull up the garage door is no less effective than a belt drive, but it does require more attention and maintenance. Typically, chain drive garage door openers are the most affordable kind of opener. However, you must be sure that you don’t expect from it a silent operation; these doors will let you and everyone else in the house know that you’ve arrived. If you would like to know when your teenager arrives home, or when your spouse leaves for work in the morning, Broomfield Garage Door Openers believes that the chain drive opener is right for you.

Finally, the screw-drive opener. These are a mixture of the belt and chain drive, in that they combine the use of a rubber belt and of metal in the form of screws. These types of openers are fairly low maintenance, and are also very affordable. Broomfield Garage Door Repair considers the screw drive opener to be a perfect blend of frugality and practical efficiency. If you want a solid opener that is adequate in all fields, we recommend one of these for your household.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all these choices, but ultimately, all the openers do the same job. As long as you allow Broomfield Garage Door Openers’ technicians to take care of your installation or service, your opener will serve you for many years to come. Take it from us: if you buy the right opener the first time, you’ll never have to worry about your garage door again.

Broomfield Garage Door Openers

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Have you ever heard of a garage door opener company that doesn't guarantee you'll be satisfied when they're through. There are plenty out there, but luckily, Broomfield Garage Door Openers is not one of them. We guarantee you'll be satisified every time!

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